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Group Project



Working together using this wiki



Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Your entire group can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone. Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.


Group members


  • Ava Amara Westergaard
  • Janelle Lindsay Yee





  1. the amazing purple flower
  2. the little chicks
  3. Source 3
  4. Source 4




Stuart, the little brown western harvest mouse, woke up one summer morning with his stomach growling like a hungry lion. Following his desire for food, he decided to go outside to collect some nuts and berries. He hopped out of his burrow which was concealed under a small ledge of dirt and squinted at the bright sun above him. He cautiously sniffed the fresh air, licked his paws and wiped them all over his dark strip on his head. After grooming, he hopped over to a little berry bush to eat. It was covered with big, bright and red raspberries that smelled delicious. As Stuart was about to take a bite into the juicy berry, he heard something behind him. It sounded like a chirping noise coming from birds. He turned around and saw two little, yellow fluff balls. He jumped in fright, but then he noticed that the fluff balls were just chicks.

"Want to play a game?" suggested the chicks.

"Okay!" Stuart said excitedly.

"For this game, the first one to find a flower the fastest will win, BUT it can't be just any kind of flower. It has to be a bright purple, tulip-like flower with long leaves that curl off it's long green stem." said the two chicks.

"Ready...set...GO!" and the race was on. Stuart had some of the nice, big, juicy berries, and then started to look for the flower. Stuart bolted down the gravel path looking for the purple flower and all of a sudden, Stuart saw some humongous, red and white spotted mushrooms. They also looked somewhat fuzzy. He looked behind them but there was no flower so he returned to the path and kept searching. Next, he came across a patch of white, fuzzy, puff balls. They were dandelions. He took a huge breath, filling up his cheeks with air, and blew as hard as he could at the dandelions. Like fireworks exploding on New Years Day, the little fluffy seeds bursted off of the flower and flew off. Those definately weren't the kind of flowers he was looking for. Stuart walked over to find a bush with bright purple flower and a long green stem. "I FOUND THEM!" he yelled as loud as he could to the two chicks. There was no response.

"I FOUND THEM!" he yelled as loud as he could again.

Stuart picked the purple flower and trudged through the forest. It was getting dark... "Where had those chicks gone!" Stuart groaned as his foot caught on a large tree root. "Oh, WHATEVER! It was just a game. I'll run back home now..." Stuart thought to himself. When he got home though, he found a note pinned to his door. The writing was messy and scribbled, and very, very small. Stuart plucked the note off his door and read it hastily.

When he had finished the note, Stuart's furry face was pale- even in the moonlight.

"What had those chicks gotten me into?!" Stuart whispered. Because now, Stuart is summoned to a dangerous quest. The chicks were actually prisoners of the evil and dark witch that ruled over the north side of the land. The first person that they saw when they had broken out was Stuart. They asked Stuart to pick the purple flower because it wasn't an ordinary purple flower. Stuart was to bring the flower to the witch's domain and present it to her so she would let the chicks loose. The chicks had used him. They knew that they would be caught again one day, so they got Stuart to pick the flower.

"What nonsense!!" yelled Stuart. He took one last look at the purple flower, tossed it onto the ground, walked into his burrow and didn't look back.

Nothing had happend for another few weeks. When Stuart walked out of his house one day, he found two big and muscular mice standing at his door. They were prepared to grab him. Stuart raised his head to see both of their faces. They both looked very agressive. Stuart backed up a bit and hit his coat hanger. The two larger mice didn't react. Stuart was very nervous. "What would they do to me?" he thought to himself. Just before he could think of anything else, the two larger mice walked a step closer to him and each grabbed one arm.

Stuart was so nervous, he had fainted.





When should we meet?

Who When I can meet
Ava This saturday any time! (:
Janelle Saturday after 2

Sunday after 3





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"he bolted in a panic".......can become......"nostrils flaring, hackles spiked, teeth bared, eyes starting...."


"he felt nervous".........can become.............."his heart thumped like a hammer...he felt jumpy and twisted up inside....a thousand drummers were pounding away on his head..."


He snapped his long tail angrily.........can become..............."raising his muzzle and bearing his teeth, he snapped his long tail.."



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Anonymous said

at 3:10 pm on Mar 8, 2007

hihi,... very interesting. If you don't like my edit then delete, please! Don't keep it if you don't like it.

Anonymous said

at 7:48 pm on Mar 8, 2007

AVA. if you ever get to read this, I need you to add in the part describing the chicks because I've bracketed off space for you lol. GO FOR IT

Anonymous said

at 6:34 am on Mar 9, 2007

alrady didi it thx :D

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